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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Madonna Sends Her Son For A Dunking

Apart from the occasional risk of having your eye poked out by her famous bustiers, Madonna seems like a pretty cool mum.

The controversial singer has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with son Rocco, where she joked with Ellen about those pointy costumes and nominated her son for the dunking tank.

Check out the video where surprisingly, Madonna's throwing arm isn't quite as good as we thought it would be!

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George Clooney Goes For A Bit Of Sweet Caroline

Believe it or not, George Clooney seems to be a little mic shy - or at least when it comes to matching his singing skills against those of Niel Diamond (can you blame him)!

While on stage with Neil at a LA charity event, our favourite Hollywood heart throb was thrown the mic, but rather then belting out the lyrics, he gave a rather half-hearted performance.

At the very least he showed that he has the moves to still make the girls swoon!


Steven Spielberg Opens Up About Being Bullied

He may be one of the greatest Hollywood directors of all time, but it seems even Steven Spielberg was the target of bullies as a child.

The director opened up during an interview with the American 60 Minutes, during which he reveals how he was bullied as a child and tried to hide his Jewish heritage by saying his last name was German.

The interview is an inspiration for anyone anywhere who has suffered torments, proving there is in fact a light at the end of the tunnel.



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