• Entertainment News: Clarkson, Malik & Brown

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kelly Clarkson Rocks Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Kelly Clarkson proved she sure can belt out a tune last night at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre!

The former American Idol winner, impressed the crowd, performing hit after hit including My Life Would Suck Without You and Darkside.

However, the highlight had to be when Kelly decided to finally cover Adele's Someone Like You for the fan request she does each show!

Before launching into the hit single, the songstress admitted fans had repeatedly requested the popular song which she had so far avoided covering.

To see Kelly on stage and photos of fans outside the concert check out our gallery below!

Zayn Malik Lives Up To His Bad Boy Rep

One Direction bad boy, Zayn Malik, has lived up to his reputation after being caught out inviting female fans back to his hotel room - despite already having a girlfriend!

According to Perez Hilton, this isn't the first time the singer has invited fans back to his hotel, with proof of his previous solicitations recorded!

Rihanna Tweets Her Support For Chris Brown

Despite their long and very complicated history, which has included battery charges, Rihanna is still showing support for Chris Brown who is in court again - this time for smoking weed.

As Brown faced up to court for testing positive whilst on probation, Rihanna tweeted that he was in her thoughts.

Apparently Rihanna's prayers worked, with Brown getting off with a warning according to TMZ.


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