• Entertainment News: Pink, Bradgelina & The Hobbit

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pink Stuns At the AMAs

If you're wondering what to expect when Pink tours Australia next year, her performance at the American Music Awards might give some indication.

The singer performed her latest hit Try, while dancing those same moves that we saw in the music video for the song!

Even more amazing, the gutsy songstress didn't lip sync once as she flung her body across the stage!


Could Bradgelina Be Invited to Jennifer Aniston's Wedding?!

If rumours are right, it looks like Jennifer Aniston's ex, Brad Pitt and new love Angelina Jolie, could be joining the actress at her wedding to new beau Justin Theroux!

Apparently Justin likes Brad and believes it will be better for his relationship with the former Friends star if there is no bad blood between the couple.

While there is no word when the wedding will take place, many people are speculating New Years Eve could be the lucky day.

Why Turning Down Lord Of The Rings Is Not A Good Idea

This certainly seems to be a hard lesson learnt for Sean Connery, who apparently knocked back the role of Gandalf in The Lord Of The Rings franchise - and what would have been a very large sum of cash!

As the release of The Hobbit draws closer, news is that Sean turned down the role because he couldn't understand the part, even though he was offered $10 million and 15% of the box office earnings which have so far totaled 2.9 billion world wide.

The man who did take the role, Sir Ian McKellan, has admitted he struggled when shooting the latest film.

Apparently the actor wasn't able to film any scenes with the dwarves, and instead had to use a green screen.  According to Ian, he eventually threw a temper tantrum and literally cried with frustration!

*Images courtesy of: IBN Live, US Weekly, Outrageous Luxury and Geek Tyrant


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