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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Everybody Dance Now... Or Maybe Not

Just two weeks after its premiere, Channel Ten's latest reality show, Everybody Dance Now, has been axed.

With viewers continuing to drift away from the already low rating program, the network has decided to replace stars Sarah Murdoch, Kelly Rowland and Jason Derulo, with Sunday night repeats of The Graham Norton Show.

Incidentally, Channel Tens other new show, I Will Survive, premiered last night.  Did you tune in to watch the Priscilla-style talent competition?  Or do you think this may be another reality show that will not survive?

Taylor Swift's Secret Relationship

In a TV promo for the MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift's secret relationship with actor Kevin Hart has been revealed!

Of course, the video is a stand up with Hart presenting Swift badly photoshopped images of the two together...

Check out the video in which Hart makes fun of Swift's preference for singing about her past relationships.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Glee?

Check out the latest photo to be tweeted from the set of Glee!

The teaser shows New York's dearest, Sarah Jessica Parker, with Glee's Chris Colfer, who apparently travels to the Big Apple to intern at Vogue under SJP.

The new season of Glee kicks off September 13 in the US.  The question is - how long till it hits Australian shores?


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