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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Matthew McConaughey's Shrinking Frame

Most women would consider actor, Matthew McConaughey, a heart throb.  However, his recent weight loss may change their minds.

The star, who only recently played a buff stripper in Magic Mike, has been loosing weight for his upcoming movie - The Dallas Buyer's Club.

Let's hope filming wraps up soon so McConaughey can return to the healthier proportions we all love!

Forget Two And A Half Men, It's Anger Management

Troubled actor, Charlie Sheen, must be feeling slightly smug with his new show Anger Management being booked for another 90 episodes.

The commitment means another four season's of the show in which Sheen plays a character sentenced to anger management counseling with a rather aggressive instructor.

The show is somewhat of a saving grace for Sheen after being kicked off Two And A Half Men in 2011 which was followed by a highly publicised breakdown.

Clarkson Covers Buble

Singer, Kelly Clarkson, proved early on during her time at American Idol that she could cover any song and do it justice!  Her latest cover of Michael Buble's Home is no different.

Clarkson performed the beautiful rendition at one of her concerts - part of a regular tradition in which fans request their favourite songs.  Some of our own favourites include her cover of Call Me Maybe and Lose Yourself.

We've found videos of both Clarkson and Buble singing the song - what do you think of the songstress' version?


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