Saturday, August 06, 2011

Terry's Whale Watching Adventure

Check out the photos from Terry's Whale Watching trip to Hervey Bay with some very lucky 97.3fm listeners. Thanks to Tourism Queensland and Fraser Coast Tourism

It was a beautiful day for whale watching. We were a bit worried, for as we were driving up to Hervey Bay on the Friday, we were listening to Angus & Aisha on 107.5 Fraser FM Community. Angus was interviewing a gentlemen from one of the charter boats that take whale watching tours out of Hervey Bay Marina. He said it might be a bit choppy on the weekend and that midweek would be a better option. 

Terry and I exchanged worried glances. "Choppy!". That didn't sound good. 

However, despite some worrying clouds in the morning, the day was beautiful. In fact, this reporter even got burnt a little bit on his balding head. 

Our 97.3fm listeners and their families were greeted at the marina by Harvey the Humpback - and all the kids dutifully lined up for a photo and a little bit of a cuddle. Then it was time to embark onto the "Whalesong". Thank you to the skipper and the crew of the Whalesong. The food and the hospitality was top notch and the service fantastic. We were provided a delicious breakfast and some delectable chocolate muffins. 

After about forty minutes of heading out to sea we saw our a first pod of humpbacks - a very curious pod of teenagers who seemed much more interested in us then we were in them. If that was even possible. 

But within minutes they has swum up to investigate our furious waving and gave us a stellar performance of their splashing tails, torso claps, breaches and blowhole expulsions.  We all ran around the boat following the humpbacks as they swam around and under the boat for over half and hour - but for what seemed like several glorious hours. They seemed to be having just as much fun as we were teasing and playing. 

Did you know the population of humpbacks was once brought down to only a couple of hundred due to the excesses of whaling? But now luckily the population is up to a respectable 14,000 and is growing thanks to conservation efforts. 

The kids and families we brought along had their cameras buzzing furiously the hole time, while the kids pointed, wave and shouted in excitement. 

Check out this great photo of a whale breach taken by one of our prize winners - Sarah. This beautiful humpback is very keen to check us out. 

After 4 hours it was time to head back, which was a little bit of a disappointment as I could have watched those humpbacks for days. 

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