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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hugh Grant's Baby Daughter is Happy Sunrise!

Hugh Grant has revealed that his baby daughter has a Chinese name that means 'Happy Surprise' -- because she was an unexpected addition to his life!

Hugh shocked the world when he because a first time father last year (2011) after a fling with Chinese model Tinglan Hong. 

And now he has revealed that his daughter sports two names- Tabitha and her Chinese name Jingxi.

Has Taylor Swift Got New Boob's?

Taylor Swift has been a bit curvier than usual - so tongues are wagging. Did she go under the knife?

Costner talks about Whitney's Emotional Funeral 

Costner reveals the most poignant moment of Houston's service was when her iconic song I Will Always Love You was played."That was big. It was like a.. kind of a score to our life together a little bit," he said. He added that the moment felt "perfect," and that family members were clearly moved. "People were suffering, the people closest to her were truly, truly suffering, and that song kind of... it did kind of bring everything back together but it was an absolute goodbye."

Before she passed, Costner said he was asked to write letters to Whitney by a friend who was worried about the pop star. "I wasn't even sure really what I might've been saying, it was obviously about encouraging. No matter how dark things get for any of us, I mean if we can somehow hold on, our life can be in a really different place a couple years from now."


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