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Alex Reveals How She REALLY Felt About THAT Awkward Grilling

Let’s be honest, meeting the parents for the first time can be pretty scary.

But how about meeting them for the first time, on a reality dating show, when you’re one of two girlfriends… AND you have to tell them you already have a child?!

That’s exactly what happened to Alex Nation on last night’s The Bachelor finale and it was every bit as awkward as you would imagine.

Meeting Richie’s mum, Kate, for the first time, Alex was absolutely grilled. However, it seems she’s not put off in the slightest!

Talking to us, the winner of the final rose said she’s looking forward to catching up with Kate again.

“I could appreciate that conversation because, you know, having a child of my own, if he was in that situation as well, like Richie was, I would have reservations and concerns as well,” she said.

“I think she’ll be very happy that he’s happy.”

LISTEN as Richie and Alex share their heartbreak watching last night's Bachelor finale...

As for runner up Nikki Grogan, well Richie and Alex revealed to us they’re hearts broke for her after seeing last night’s episode.

“That’s definitely tough to watch. It’s not an easy position I’m in. Nikki’s a beautiful woman,” Richie said.

“I don’t think it’s one of those things where you just call them up, but I know Alex talks to Nikki quite a bit and they’ve built up a friendship.”

Alex confirmed it had been tough for the WA hopefully who had put her heart on the line for the show.

WATCH Richie and Alex share their first video together...

“I think something like this is going to take time for Nikki,” Alex said.

“That experience was absolutely massive for the two of us. It was fortunate for me that I made it to the end.”

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