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The Brother Who Made An Incredible Sacrifice For His Sister

 10 Years In 10 Days 

In 2012 we met an extraordinary pair of siblings – Angie and John.

Angie first contacted us as she wanted to thank he brother for an incredible act of bravery.

You see Angie’s kidney transplant had started to fail a year earlier and she was waiting desperately for a new transplant.

When John found out he was a match he immediately put his hand up to “take one for the team”.

It meant a major lifestyle overhaul and when we spoke to them, John had already lost 14 kilograms in order to save Angie’s life.

But how can you ever thank someone for making such a sacrifice?

Angie called us in the hope that we could help do just that.

Listen below to their incredible story…

Stay tuned over the coming week as we share more moments for Robin, Terry & Bob's 10 Years In 10 Days

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