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At The Age Of 5, Jake Was Deemed Too "Difficult" To Stay

They’re the shocking statistics that stopped us in our tracks.

More than 8,000 kids in Queensland are living in either foster care, assisted care or on the streets. There are more than 42,000 across Australia living in this situation.

As part of Child Protection Week, we decided to talk to one of the kids who had experienced just this, having grown up “in the system”.

Now 20, Jake first entered residential care at the age of five or six year’s old.

Considered a “very difficult child”, Jake was deemed that his behaviour was beyond his mum’s ability to cope with.

“I remember being picked up, I remember going in the car to my placement,” he said.

“It was normal I guess. I didn’t feel scared.”

Looking back, Jake says while he didn’t see it at the time, now he can understand.

Diagnosed early on with ADHD and Autism he says his actions were a result of seeking attention.

And while he may not have had a conventional upbringing, Jake says he wouldn’t change a thing.

Listen below as he shares his story and explains how time has given him perspective…

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