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Brian McFadden Got The Ultimate Revenge On His Bullies


If there’s a cause close to our heart, it’s bullying. Or rather, what we can do to say no to bullying.

Over the years we’ve spoken to many celebrities about their own experiences, but there was one story that we’ll never forget.

You see Brian McFadden taught us that sometimes you just need to get through it all – and your success can be the best revenge.

Joining us in the studio, the Westlife singer revealed he was bullied as a child for the very thing he’d later find fame for.

“When I was growing up in Ireland I went to an all-boys school and singing and dancing wasn’t really the cool thing to do,” he said.


“My biggest advice that I’d ever give to kids that are getting bullied is that you have to tell people.

“You can’t keep it to yourself. Something like that you can’t live with it on your own. You have to talk to people.”

Watch below as he tells us he ended up getting his own revenge when he showed up to school to pick up his final exam results....

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