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Meet The Mum Who’s Going To Space And NEVER Coming Back

Could you give up your life on Earth to take a one way trip to Mars?

That’s what Natalie Lawler is preparing to do.

After more than 200,000 people applied for the Mars One program, the Brisbane mum is down to the final 100 candidates.

The maths teacher is now preparing for the possibility that in ten years’ time she’ll leave her two daughters behind. Forever.

Talking to us, Natalie says she’s been busy preparing for the possibility.

“My children will be young adults by the time of the first man mission,” she said of the potential 2027 launch date.

“My daughters will be in their mid-20s, maybe even have families of their own by then.

“They’re kind of on board with it.”

LISTEN: Here the full chat as Natalie explains what life on Mars will involve

While she still has a wait to find out if she’ll make the final cut, Natalie says she’s mentally preparing herself for the challenges.

“There’s things like I’ll probably shave my hair off because seven months without showering, would be in a small, confined space, hairs going to be an issue,” she said of the journey to the red planet.

Could you leave your family behind forever to live on Mars?

WATCH BELOW: Matt Damon Gives Natalie His Advice For Going To Mars

Top Photo: Natalie Lawler - Mars One Candidate Facebook

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