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It Was Meant To Be A Dream Holiday, Until She Saw His Phone

If you had a Private Investigator at your disposal, what would you want investigated?

For Maree, there was one issue that she desperately needed help solving – her cheating husband.

After ten years of marriage, Maree discovered the unthinkable on his phone while they were on what was meant to be the holiday of their dreams.

Things quickly went downhill from there as the couple cut things short and returned home.

BELOW: Maree's daughter shares her concerns about her mum's relationship

It turns out the affair had started at least three months earlier and when Maree and her husband split he went to live with the mistress.

It was short lived and now with the chance of reconciliation, Maree’s not sure if she can trust him anymore.

Enter our Private Investigator Dave.

Part One:

Maree explains exactly what went down and what she hopes Dave will be able to find out…

Part Two:

Maree's adult daughter, Katrina, has some real concerns about the thought of her mum reconciling with her ex.

It seems it's not just the trust that's an issue, Katrina is worried that fear is leading her mother down the wrong path...

Part Three:

We've called on Private Investigator Dave to speak to Maree about her concerns and if she's willing to draw a line in the sand. 

Find out what is the dealbreaker for Maree that would force her to call time on the relationship and never, ever go back. 

Part Four:

It's the conversation that had both Maree and Katrina in tears.

After learning that her daughter was concerned she'd go back to her cheating husband out of fear, Maree gives a very honest response...

Part Five:

Our Private Investigator Dave is back after going on surveillance - but how will Maree take his news?

Listen below as she's left speechless and reveals what it means for their future...

Thanks to Austrace Investigations for helping Maree on this case.

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