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Meet The Man With Five Girlfriends AND A Wife!

If you haven’t heard of Travers Beynon, aka the CandyMan, prepare to have your mind blown…

Whether that’s in a good way or bad, we’ll let you decide!

The Gold Coast entrepreneur has made multiple headlines for his extravagant lifestyle.

He plays the real-life role of a playboy - surrounded by women, parties and more bling than you can imagine.

And much like Hugh Hefner, Beynon doesn’t want to limit the many loves of his life. Even when it comes to the women.

So after getting divorced, the CandyMan decided to change things up, and when he met wife number two he told her he couldn’t be a one-woman man.

“I tried the marriage thing for ten years and that didn’t work out,” he told us.

“When I met my second wife, which is my current wife, I explained exactly the way it was going to happen.”

Now he not only has a wife, he has five girlfriends too!

“She decided that she wanted in. She was happy with that,” Beynon explained.

While many of us would struggle with the lifestyle, we soon learned the father of four isn’t alone.

After opening the phone lines, we learned there were plenty of people happy to talk about this open-relationship lifestyle.

Listen below as these Brisbane couples share how their own relationships work when there are so many feelings at stake…

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