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How You Can Protect Your Kids From The Child Porn Ring

It's been revealed six more Queensland schools have been targeted by a child pornography ring hunting and trading explicit material.

The news comes two weeks after more than 70 schools were caught up in the scandal.

But in a day and age where nude selfies are becoming commonplace - even with our teenagers, what can you do to stop it happening?

Internet safety expert, Brett Lee, said it's taken many of us by surprise, although it's normal human nature when it comes to teenagers.

"When I talk to groups I sort of say to them look, sexting's been around forever, it was around when I was growing up," he said.

"The problem was I had to take the film to the chemist to get it developed.

"And that's why you didn't do it - all of those social barriers."

He said the solution isn't around technology, it's about talking to our children and giving them a reason to make the right choice.

Listen below as he explains exactly what you need to do and why it will make them think twice...

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