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Can You Spot A Murderer From Childhood?

It’s the trial that gripped a nation as Gerard Baden-Clay fought his murder conviction over the death of his wife Allison.

While he appeared the loving husband at the start, the story began to unravel as the truth behind Allison’s death became public.

Psychologist and author of Why Did They Do It, Helen McGrath, told us Baden-Clay’s personality played a big part in the murder.

 “His narcissistic personality disorder interacted with the fact that his wife was about to leave him and expose him for what he was – which was an abusive man who was a fraud,” she said.

“That just tipped over into ‘what am I going to do about this?’.”

She revealed there was some key behaviours common to murderers that became apparent in Baden-Clay.

“The kind of behaviours that you see in that kind of personality disorder is a sense of grandiosity,” she said.

“The belief that they are superior and unique to other people and are going to do great things – despite the fact that the evidence doesn’t back them up.

“And a sense of entitlement, ‘I have the right to have what I want because I’m definitely special and unique’.”

So with such unique personality traits, can you spot the making of a murderer early on in childhood?

Listen below as she describes how while many have fairly normal childhoods, there is one factor that has fostered an increase in narcissistic personalities and what you can do to prevent it leading to the unthinkable…

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