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How To Fit Two Weeks Into 30 Seconds

If you ever get sick of hearing people harp on and on and on about their holidays, we've just found the perfect solution!

Holidays in 30 seconds.

While Robin, Terry and Bob normally tell us all about their weekend in just 30 seconds, we challenged them to do the same for their two week break.

It's not as easy as it sounds.

So what do three radio hosts do when they have two weeks to do what they like?

Well apart from the obvious sleep in... there was cruising, trekking around NZ and rubbing shoulders with some BIG name Hollywood celebs!

Watch below as they take the challenge and prove that it is actually possible to do two weeks in 30 seconds...

PLUS... Listen to Robin, Terry & Bob the podcast - when you want, where you want! Check it out in the iTunes store here!

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