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Imagine Waking To Learn Your Arms & Legs Have Been Amputated


Imagine waking to learn that your arms and legs had been amputated. Or being the one to make that decision in order to save your loved one's life...

That's exactly what happened to Matt and Diane Ames.

After being told her husband had a one per cent chance of survival, Diane had to make the call that would change their lives.

It all started with a simple rash that would soon turn both of their lives upside down.

Not only did Matt have to learn to adapt to life without arms or legs to assist him, Diane had to take on a new role in their young family’s lives.

In 2014 we were privileged enough to meet this extraordinary Brisbane couple and get a peek inside their world.

Perhaps most surprising however, was Diane’s admission that the transition has been far harder on her than Matt.

Watch below as they share their story and Diane reveals it’s the small things that she really misses...

Two years after that first meeting, we caught up with Matt and Diane once again to find out how things have changed since.

Despite living in pain, Diane said Matt continues to defy all expectations.

"He is present every day here. And to be mentally present is hard when you have so many things stacked against you," she said.

However, there was one sentence that really stuck with us... "We've found our new normal as a family".

If you ever needed proof of how extraordinary a family they are, listen below...

PLUS... watch below as Matt shows us some of the modifications they've had to make to their Queenslander since he woke from that coma...

Stay tuned over the coming two weeks as we share more moments for Robin, Terry & Bob's 10 Years In 10 Days!

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