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Robin: I May Be A Size 8, But That's Not What's Important

I am very lucky at the moment that I am doing a 12 part podcast series with my really good friend, author Rebecca Sparrow.

It's called The Well - wholehearted conversations for a better life and in each episode we tackle the things that intrigue and amuse us.

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This current episode is about exercise and we look at why I love it and Rebecca hates it.

During the episode I challenged Bec as to why she cares that she doesn't do any exercise when she is healthy and happy, and she finally snapped with her own light bulb moment.

The revelation I think is not only true for Bec but for most woman over a size 8-10.

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Rebecca realised that although she's happy with herself she feels it's an act of rebellion because society says somehow if you are not tiny then somehow you should be ashamed.

Bec also points the finger at me saying that I don't understand because I am a size 8.

I have to be honest and say although I feel the pressure, I haven't seen just how destructive it is for Rebecca.

I wage a war with myself, which I thought we all did, but after hearing Bec I now see how much of a part of that social war I facilitate and it makes me ashamed.

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It's true I do exercise too much, eat too little and am not comfortable to just be me.

The fact that it works and I am a size 8 gives me the big social tick, but what no one sees is the hidden consequences and they are huge and destructive.

Yet Bec, who eats well and takes care of herself, somehow feels she is being judged.

Why am I ok to continue to be destructive - because I apparently look good... because I buy into what Bec is talking about.

She is the one who should be revered. Not me.

So at the end of the episode Bec asks to start a revolution in which we all try and change the way we view woman and size, but to do that let me first ask if you feel what she does?

Tell us, have you ever felt pressure to be a certain size? 

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