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"Steve & Eddie Don't Understand What It's Like"

This week Steve Price has made headlines for all the wrong reasons after appearing on Q&A.

Following a heated debate about domestic violence, Price found himself the target after calling fellow panellist Vad Badham “hysterical”.

He made headlines again when he appeared on The Project to defend his actions.

Now Robin and Tez have weighed in on the debate and things got just as heated in the studio.

But according to Robin, the problem is men like Steve Price aren’t able to understand why women are so upset.

“Guys like Steve Price and Eddie McGuire and a lot of other blokes have never been in a position where they feel like they’ve been disempowered. And so many women have,” she said.

“And I’m not talking women in domestic violence situations, although we well know that Australia has some of the worst domestic violence statistics in the world.

“I’m just talking about general women and just in our day to day lives. It’s very different as a bloke who has never felt disempowered to understand why that upsets other women.”

Listen below as Tez disagrees…

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