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What Happened When Phoebe Confronted Her Dodgy Flatmate

If you had a private investigator at your disposal, what would you have investigated?

Phoebe contacted us with a case that had us fuming on her behalf.

Eight months after meeting her housemate on Tinder, Phoebe is not only heartbroken – she’s beginning to question everything she knows.

BELOW: Phoebe Reveals What Happened When She Confronted Her Flatmate

While things started off strong enough, the romance soon fizzled when Phoebe asked her new love interest to move in.

Now they are flatmates and just “friends”. And that’s where things start to get fishy.

With Phoebe still in love, she’s been more than happy to help her flatmate out financially.

In her words, “she was having issues with [money] so I would support her thinking it would lead to a relationship”.

So far it’s cost her $10,000.

It started with supporting her flatmate’s sporting dreams. But then her love got very sick. Or so she says.

Now Phoebe’s beginning to doubt the stories and is questioning whether it was all a lie.

Part One:

Listen below as Phoebe reveals just how far the manipulation gone and what she thinks our private investigator Dave will discover…


Is Phoebe a victim of domestic violence without realising it?

Her friend Abbey says yes and her description of the relationship makes us think she may be right.

Listen below as she reveals how Phoebe has changed since meeting her flatmate...


After going out to see what he could find, our Private Investigator Dave has some bad news for Phoebe.

Will it be the final straw for Phoebe to finally cut ties with her flatmate?

Listen below as we hear what's really going on and what Phoebe plans to do about it...

Part Four:

Phoebe's done it! She's confronted her dodgy flatmate and now she's back to share what happened.

Listen below as she reveals what went down and shares a warning to others... because it turns out Phoebe isn't the first person to be conned by this love rat!

Thanks to Austrace Investigations for helping close another case.

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