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Seth Was A Bully, Now He’s Turned His Life Around


We’ve heard so many stories about the emotional torment that comes with being bullied.

But it’s not often we hear the other side of the story.

It can be easy to focus on the actions of a bully, but as Seth reminded us – bullying can often come from a place of pain too.


We first met then 10-year-old Seth at a bullying forum where he owned up to being a bully.

At that stage he’d already been to three schools, was constantly in fights and had been suspended five times.

Diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers and ASD, both Seth and his mum Katrina were struggling.

WATCH: See Seth As A 10-Year-Old Who Was Struggling With School

When we asked what was going on in his world to trigger those actions, his answer saddened us.

“People tease me. I go ‘don’t’ and they just keep on doing it,” he revealed.

Despite it all, he still stood up and apologised for his actions.

Since then, Seth has done a lot of growing up and has learned to focus his energy on something else entirely.

Listen below as we hear just how far he comes in a story that will give you hope that things can get better…

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