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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About The Breakfast Show

Robin, Terry & Bob Don’t Hang Out Outside The Show

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions about us is that we spend our social time together…the true is we don’t !

In fact we rarely socialise together.

I think it’s because we spend so much time together in the studio that to have a work life balance we need some space. Having said that Ruth is one of my best friends and I am Ruth’s daughter Sophie’s godmother.

We do events together, however, some work and some personal. For example everyone (except Tez because he was working) came to my 40th birthday weekend with their partners. Just ask Bob about the horse at 2am!

I think it is safe to say we have a unique and connected working relationship. I think these guys would back me and defend me and they care a lot about me but we are not each other’s social circle and that works just fine - Robin

Terry Had A Run In With HR Over His Shoes

I like to be relaxed around the studio, and in Summer that meant shorts, polo shirt and sandals.

Very shortly after arriving in the studio, the sandals would come off and I spend the morning barefoot.

Robin would often refer to my Hobbit Feet, as stark comparison to her series of Fabulous Shoes!

When Malcolm Turnbull was in Opposition, he showed up unexpectedly one morning.

I raced out of the studio – barefoot – and came face to face with him in the waiting area.

I simply had to look him in the eye and say;

“Mr Turnbull. As a mark of respect, I’ve come out here to put my sandals on before our interview!”

He said he appreciated the gesture. What is the penalty for being barefoot in a Prime Minister’s Presence?

“Off with his Feet?!”

This only came to an end last year, when we had studio renovations and everyone had to have closed in shoes for O H & S. - Terry

No Where Is Safe When We’re On Air

Do your colleagues ever chase you down into the toilets? Well that happens to me on a daily basis – and it’s not just the men! What you may not realise is that during the ad breaks, Robin, Terry and Producers Ruth and Allan are doing the Usain Bolt to my studio asking for audio that’s going to air in one minute’s time. True story, the hallway has wear marks from Terry! – Greg the Imaging Producer

We Don’t Just Start At 5.30am And Finish At 9am

For example, here’s a day in the life of Terry…

Up at 3.20

Walk directly to computer and switch it on.

Walk directly to kettle and turn it on and put bread in toaster.

Walk directly to toilet.

By the time I’m back from the toilet toast is toasted, kettle is boiled.

By the time I am back to the computer it is up and ready to go.

Check work email, my email, work facebook, my facebook, work website, my website

Local news website and danoday.com for quirky overnight stories from around the world.

4am – Shower, Shave sides of face in shower to save time, resulting occasional goatee.

4.15 – Dressed in Jeans and either Comedy T-Shirt or Broncos Polo.

4.20 On Pushbike – ride to station.

4.30 Paper and Tez arrive – read for gag opportunities

5am – Bring prepared edits and new ideas to team meeting.

5.30 ON AIR


9AM – 10AM – record Promos from Todays Show and Interviews

10AM TO 11AM – Meetings about next day’s show and Promotions

11am – Usually there is at least one significant edit to be done of an interview for the next day.

MIDDAY: I would like to say that I’m gone by midday, but that fact that I have a 20 class card for a midday yoga class

that has to be used inside 4 months [ 1 a weakish?] and that I’ve never got to 20 classes before it expires suggests otherwise!

AFTERNOON – Nana Nap if I’m gigging that night.

EVENING – a Couple of events per week and a lot of reality TV!

Bed by 9.20 is the Aim!

Robin’s Wardrobe Really Is MASSIVE

When reviewing 10 Years in 10 days it occurred to me that Robin has not worn the same outfit to work ever. That is more than 2000 work days. now she may have worn the same jacket once or twice or even the same jeans but she rocks it fresh every time. - Bob

Bob Has A Morning Ritual That He NEVER Misses

I used to duck out for a smoke at 5am so as not to impact my colleagues on the breakfast show. I still duck out around 5am, but now I fill my lungs with fresh air. I inhale the day, I welcome the morning sun, I repeat a short mantra of affirmations and I thank the Lord for another beautiful day in paradise. - Bob

It’s Amazing What You Can Fit Into A Song

Working in such a fast paced environment even the simplest things need to be managed within a time frame - like going to the bathroom. We always have to check how long the song is before we work out if we can make it there and back in time and then we make a run for it! It’s not unusual to see one or more of us screaming down the hallway trying to make it back – but there’s a lot you can get done in a 3.27 song. On a good day, with a long song, I can put my toast down in the kitchen, run to the bathroom, head back to the kitchen to grab my toast and be back in the studio with 30 seconds to spare! – Producer Ruth

What Really Happens When You Call The Show

Often people ring and assume Robin Terry and Bob answer the phones, well they don’t… My name is Allan and I work on the show as a Content Producer, and my primary responsibility is to answer and filter the phone calls… The team and myself have a system where once calls are answered, I’ll filter down what’s relevant and I give direction on how to deliver the story or opinion to Robin Terry and Bob, all within a three minute song. I find myself answering an easy 100 plus callers on a daily basis… Oh and if Robin Terry and Bob say caller nine, I’ll always answer caller nine. - Producer Allan

Don’t Say Anything You Don’t Want On Air

You know that innocent story about your husband and his “shitty” feet? Don’t tell your colleagues and then agree to share the story on air thinking no one you know will be listening at 6am. They will. And he’ll (and by association, you) will never hear the end of it. Seriously, be VERY careful what anecdotes you share in front of radio peeps – it could end up on air! Just as well I have no shame… - Webyn the Web Gal

Air Checks With Barry The Boss

Air-check … That’s a term used in the radio business for when the boss (me) plays back audio from that days show with the team, to share ideas on how we thought the show had sounded to the listeners.

It’s in these sessions that you realise just how dedicated and professional your announcers are, how they hate to fail and are always looking for that winning edge !

So, what have I learnt from 10 years of air-checks with Robin, Terry & Bob ?

Bob:    Hardly complains, spends most of the air-check session checking out any new CD’s that have arrived on my desk.

Robin:   Never complains, is usually too busy communicating with 6 people at once on her phone.

Terry:    Can’t complain, Tez’s mouth is usually full of the burger and / or coffee that accompanies him to most meetings !

 So, how have these 3 managed to grow and succeed as a breakfast show over the last 10 years I hear you ask ?

I’ll put it down to their passion, experience and skills …. ‘cause God knows these meetings were a massive waste of time !

Thanks for listening and supporting the show !

- Barry The Boss

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