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Why Matt Damon Probably Won't Get A Rental Car Anytime Soon

Matt Damon’s back to reprise the action packed role of Jason Bourne.

With the latest movie hitting Aussie cinemas, Tez caught up with the star to talk about what it’s like to return for his fourth stint as the CIA assassin 14 years after first taking on the role.

But despite the action in the flick, Damon says it’s not as dangerous as what he gets up to when filming’s over.

“I broke my collarbone mountain biking – just on my free time,” he joked.

MORE: Watch the full interview below!

“When I finally took free time a couple of years ago I snapped my collar bone. I went over the handlebars.”

It seems Damon’s gotten off pretty lightly when compared to some of the stunt men in the flick.

And then there’s all the vehicles.

According to the star, in one sequence alone 170 cars were wrecked for the film.

“I was joking with people that we were just renting those cars and then brought them back,” he told Tez.

“I don’t think Jason Bourne is allowed to rent at Avis anymore.”

We're guessing more than a few rental companies may be hesitant about Damon now too!

Watch the full interview below as he talks about taking his family to Budapest, Mars and beyond…

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