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Tez Got A Fat Scan And It Was A Bit Of A Shock!

If you thought jumping on the scales was scary, imagine getting a fat scan?!

That’s exactly what Tez did in his bid to beat the Dad Bod with best mate Brett.

After getting a DEXA Body Scan at Body Composition Qld, there was no more hiding from the numbers.

Because they revealed Tez was in the higher risk category when looking at his visceral fat.

So what exactly does that mean? In layman’s terms: Tez has an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The good news is that his bone density is awesome and his overall body fat percentage is only just over what they should be!

Watch below to see what it’s like to get a body fat scan and what exactly the results mean…

Tez Gets A Body Fat Scan

Tez Finds Out What His Results Mean

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