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The Day Tez Awkwardly Interviewed Geri Halliwell In A Bath!


After ten years on air, we can promise there have been more than a few awkward interview moments!

However, the one that sticks to our minds and continues to crack us up is the time Tez spoke to Geri Halliwell in 2013.

You see, Tez was pretty much last in line after a long day of interviews for the former Spice Girl and her mind was already on other things.

As Tez explains:

“The offer came to interview Spice Girl Geri Halliwell from LA late on a Sunday Night. So one of our panel guys came into the studio with me and we waited for our time.

“When it came time for us to call the operator to be hooked up to Geri, it became apparent that there had been double bookings around the country and the poor woman who was connecting people was being yelled at from both sides of the Pacific - by potential interviewers and Geri’s Agent.

“We were very polite and told her we would go and check with our contact here and call her back.

“Fifteen minutes later, having been assured we had an interview, we rang the operator back. She sounded even more stressed than before but she said:

“’You know what. You are the only station that hasn’t yelled at me in the last three hours! Hold on. I’m putting you through to Geri directly not to her yelling agent! Good Luck!’

“When Geri picked up, there was an echo on the line. We thought it was a bad international connection.

“No. It was because Geri Halliwell was taking our interview call while she was in the bath.”

Well, when Tez learned exactly what happened he suddenly got a little phone shy!

Listen below as things get hilariously awkward…

After Geri’s gargled song game, Tez decided this was something that could take off… so he took it around the office to give it a go!

Watch below as he learns some things should be left to the stars…

Stay tuned over the coming two weeks as we share more moments for Robin, Terry & Bob's 10 Years In 10 Days

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