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The Fashion Trend Robin Just Can’t Understand

Okay, I have a question that I am hoping someone will answer - what is it with these toeless tights?!

Knowing that a cold snap was coming I went a bought a whole pile of 15 denier nude tights at Kmart yesterday and obviously didn’t look at the packaging closely enough to see that these were the toeless variety.

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Firstly, can I say, that I didn’t even know they made toeless tights! Secondly, is there actually a fashionable application for these?!


Maybe I am too much a child of the 80’s who believed everything Dolly magazine told me when they said it was NEVER ok to wear tights and toeless shoes….

Yeah yeah, I know toeless tights make it seem like you’re not, because your toes are exposed, but doesn’t it look weird to have toeless shoes on with winter tights?

This is actually a genuine fashion question to me, as I will fully admit here and now that I am not the great fashionista when it comes to trends.

Watch why these two dresses mean so much to Robin...

I’m still trying to come to terms with thick woolly jumpers and sequined skirts or shorts.

And don’t get me started on thigh high boots... I love the look of them and do own a pair but can’t seem to get past an image of me trying to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when I wear them!

So I ask again, what is it with toeless tights?

Is it another trend I need to jump on the band wagon of or is it something Kaiser concocted as the “great new thing” they hoped would someday catch on, didn’t and I was just one of the wood ducks who picked it out of the budget bin in a rush?

I would love your take on this seemingly new trend that may have completely bypassed me OR is destined to go down in the fashion annual of things that could've, would've,  but didn’t…

Backward tux’s on women come to mind - thank you Celine Dion at some award bash! 

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