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Grant Denyer Can't Do This One Thing And It's Rather Ironic

He may be a man of many talents, but Grant Denyer’s the first to admit there’s one thing he’s terrible at…

    Despite the fact he hosts The Great Australian Spelling Bee, Grant revealed he can’t spell half the words on the show!

    A video posted by 97.3FM Brisbane (@973brisbane) on

    Considering he also started off as a cadet journalist, we’d imagine that could have been tough.

    Watch below as he shares why his inability to spell actually makes him the PERFECT host and reveals the big secret to why the kids on the show ARE so good at spelling

    While Grant and Robin may not be the best spellers, it seems Tez and Bob are more than willing to step up to the plate.

    So while Grant was in the studio, we decided to hold our own impromptu Spelling Bee.

    However there was one DISGUSTING twist

    The loser would have to swallow more than just the bitter pill of defeat. They’d have to down a spoon filled with a mystery substance of Robin’s choosing!

    Never has winning been so sweet…

    PLUS... Listen to Robin, Terry & Bob the podcast - when you want, where you want! Check it out in the iTunes store here!

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