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The Most Ridiculous Transformation Photos You'll Ever See!


Remember that time Tez and Bob tried their hand at bodybuilding?

It's an image that has certainly burned into our minds!

While it doesn't take much for Tez to strip off for work, this was a whole new ball game for Bob.

Challenged to lose weight and beef up for our Mr 97.3fm Bodybuilding competition, the pair surprised us all with their commitment to the cause.

So much so that Bob lost 20 kilograms to win the competition with his incredible transformation!

But don't take our word for it, check out the photos above and see the ridiculous performance they put on once on stage below...

Stay tuned over the coming two weeks as we share more moments for Robin, Terry & Bob's 10 Years In 10 Days!

Can’t get enough? Listen to Robin, Terry & Bob the podcast - when you want, where you want! Check it out in the iTunes store here!

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