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The Story That Will Change The Way You Drive Forever


There are some stories that stick with you for life. Judy’s heart wrenching tale about her daughter Hayley is one of them.

Heading out with a group of friends, Hayley jumped into a car with a driver she’d never met before. Sadly, it would be the last thing she’d ever do.

“He was driving stupid and they were all screaming to get out of the car but he wouldn’t stop the car,” Judy told us.

“He drove it across the road and off the median strip into an oncoming car. It hit where Hayley was sitting in the back seat of the car.”

Judy was home at the time when she received the call no parent ever wants to take.

A paramedic on the scene told her that despite their best efforts, they were unable to revive her daughter.

“I asked them where she was and I went straight there,” she said.

“I stayed with her till they took her away.”

It’s an experience that Judy is now sharing with others in the hope it will change their attitude on the roads.

She said it was important people realise that it could happen to their family.

“It could be your mum or dad sitting here, like me, missing you. Having to go to the cemetery to see you for your birthday,” she said.

Sadly, it was Hayley's birthday on October 4th. She would have been 28.

Listen below to the story that is now used in the attitudinal driving course to try and help make people think twice about what they do behind the wheel…

Stay tuned over the coming two weeks as we share more moments for Robin, Terry & Bob's 10 Years In 10 Days

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