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This Man Says People Who Don't Look After Kids Are Selfish

When we asked the question “Do you have to have kids to be happy?” we expected to get some passionate calls.

But we never expected a call quite like Ben’s.

After talking about Lorna Jane’s decision NOT to have kids, we were curious why others out there did and didn’t start a family.

However Ben was unwavering in his view that if you decided to live a life without kids, you were being selfish.

“It’s totally selfish for people with cash not to look after kids when there’s so many disadvantaged kids out there,” he told us.

“If they haven’t got the time they can hire the nannies - they’ve got the disposable cash.

“Look after kids. Make kids happy. People are so selfish nowadays.”

It was a view however, that wasn’t shared by many.

Listen below as Ben doggedly makes his point and we learn that there are number of reason for having and not having children…

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