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Ty Burrell Has The Most Ingenious Parenting Hacks!

Ty Burrell’s on the road promoting his latest movie, Finding Dory, where he plays a beluga whale.

As excited as we are about his new flick with Ellen, we just had to ask him about his Modern Family character.

With Phil Dunphy the ultimate problem solver, we decided to throw him a few parent-related dilemmas and ask “What would Dunphy do?”.

As you can image, the answers were hilarious!

From keeping the kids entertained with nerf basketball - “take some coat hangers and you bend them into a basketball hoop”, to bribing the kids with air guitar, he certainly lived up to his alter-ego’s ingenuity!

But despite playing the ultimate family man in Modern Family and staring in one of the biggest kids flicks of the year, Burrell still some work to do with his own children.

Talking about Finding Dory, he revealed his two kids were “deeply unimpressed” with his role as Bailey.

“They loved the movie and wished that I’d would have gotten out of the way so they could watch the rest of the movie,” he said.

“Unfortunately Bailey screws up a lot, so all they do is turn to me in the screening going ‘come on, just swim straight!’.”

Listen to the full interview below…

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Top Photo: Getty/AAP

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