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We Ask Corey Parker About THAT Paul Gallen Quote

He may have hung up his football boots, but that doesn’t mean Corey Parker is ready to say goodbye to that part of his life just yet.

The former Broncos star joined us in studio to talk about his new book, Iron Man, which follows his life as wild kid from Logan who became one of the most respected players on the field.

However, there was one quote in the book that stop us in our tracks.

It came from NSW Origin captain Paul Gallen

“I’ve got to be honest, when Corey and I get on the drink together on the Australia tours, I sometimes think ‘I can’t handle this bloke anymore’. Then, the next morning I’ll go down to breakfast and I’ll go and sit at the table and he’ll ask how I’m going and how my family’s going and I think to myself ‘he’s not so bad’.”

It shocked us and it seemed we weren’t alone!

Watch below as he reveals their rivalry goes back to one moment during their school days…

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