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When Do I Tell My Date About My Unusual Baggage?

Tracey has a problem and it’s not your typical dating problem.

You see the 45-year-old carries some unusual baggage around with her in the shape of a colostomy bag.

But for Tracey that colostomy bag is a life saver after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and had her large bowel removed.

While Tracey has no problems with the bag itself, she is struggling to work out how to broach the matter when it comes to meeting men.

Do you tell them on the first date? Before the first date? Or do you wait till they get to know you first?

She’s already learned the hard way her baggage can be a turn off for some guys and she’s lost confidence as a result.

Listen below as we hear what it’s like to trying to navigate the dating world when you literally have baggage to carry around and how Paralympic champion Karni Liddell has faced the same problem with her wheelchair…

Show your support for Tracey as she takes on the Great Wall Challenge to raise funds for Crohn’s & Colitis Australia here.

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