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When Women Are Too Old For Skinny Jeans And Long Hair

Prepare to be infuriated because apparently there’s an age limit on skinny jeans, long hair and tattoos.

And that’s not all!

Apparently the clock is clicking when it comes to taking selfies, going clubbing and trying to learn new technology also.

Actually, if we’re to be honest, if this survey’s anything to go by – that time has already passed!

According to an informal poll in the UK, once you hit the ripe old age of 38 it’s time to stop getting tattoos (we’re not sure what it means for the tattoos you already have?!), by the time you’re 46 you should cut your long hair off and a year later it’s time to get rid of those skinny jeans.

For all those screaming at their computers right now, you’re not alone.

Because according to the numbers, Robin’s breaking all the rules!

Listen as Robin takes on the numbers…

So that you can be warned, here’s some other numbers you should be wary of…

34 – stop taking selfies
38 – stop getting tattoos
40 – stop trying to learn new technology
44 – stop going clubbing
45 – stop going to music festivals
46 – stop having long hair
47 – stop wearing skinny jeans

h/t Huff Post

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