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You Know Robin, Terry & Bob But Meet The Rest Of The Team!

One thing about the Robin Terry and Bob show, like all breakfast shows in fact, there is a team of people who put it together every single day and we couldn’t put our show to air without them. You know us so let us (Robin, Terry and Bob) introduce them to you!

From Left to right:

The man in black is our leader and radio legend from the 80s and beyond Barry Drinkwater. His official title is Content Director but he is the boss of all 973 announcers and is the guy who holds the purse strings for our money giveaways as well as being the guy who makes sure that the content we put on air is both appropriate and legal.

Ruth (the lovely lady with the long hair) is our amazing executive producer. Ruth is the puppet master, she directs the show from behind the scenes. She keeps us running on time, decides which callers go and where and makes the hard decisions about if something can go to air.

Behind her is Greg our rock god audio producer. He is responsible for all the “sounds” of the show. He puts all the sound effects to the sketches, he creates the amazing montages of callers and revisits we do and he will edit interviews for us on the fly.

Next to Greg ( the lovely lady in the pink with the glasses) is Monique Dews our news reader. She is one of the most respected and awarded news readers in the business and does her news from a booth just down the hall. She makes us sound much more professional than we really are.

Beside Mon is Shaun our campaigns specialist. Shaun looks after all our events and giveaways and makes sure that we and our events look amazing. Shaun is the engine room for our ideas. If it requires us being visual he will make it happen.

Behind Shaun is Allan our assistant producer who is your first point of contact with our show. If you call or email us Allan will answer you. He makes us look good doing research, editing and organising for us.

And finally our wonderful web mistress Robyn or Webyn as we affectionately call her. Anything to do with our on line social profile Webyn is the girl! She films, edit and posts for us and also guides us with our social media profile!


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