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Here's Why The New Samsung Phones are EXPLODING

Stace was at the airport today and noticed the strangest announcement.. "If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - It's a worldwide recall, please turn it off and keep it off while on the plane'

The stories about the recall have been getting more traction, and we had the director of the UWA Centre for Software Practice Dr. David Glance on the show to explain the issue.

Samsung has stressed that everyone should power down their phones and bring them in to be replaced ASAP, and 2.5 MILLION phones have been recalled worldwide because they have been EXPLODING.

The batteries in these new phones are heating up.. and the hotter they get, the faster the heat process becomes. Eventually, the phone cracks open and bursts into flames.

This is NOT a joke, and Samsung is spreading the message as much as possible as reports increase, including the story this morning of a car catching on fire while a phone was charging inside it.

The phones being sold at the moment have got improved batteries in them, and free replacements are being offered for any that are still out there, but we have to think - how many people are going to buy from Samsung after this mishap?

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