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Why You Should Have More Sex, Even If You Aren't In The Mood

Ever dated anyone whose sex-drive doesn’t match your own?

Or felt pressured to have sex, when really you aren’t in the mood. The Thinkergirls Stacey and Kristie want to know should you consent to have sex even if you aren’t in the mood?

“When you are in a relationship there’s an interesting line about keeping the intimacy and knowing the line between pushing past when you don’t want to (because then you end up enjoying it) versus not doing it just because somebody else wants to,” Stacey said.

Sexologist and author, Nikki Goldstein says there’s a difference between how men and women’s bodies respond to sex. A guy is just ready to go. For women it can take a bit longer to get in the mood.

"I would say we should be pushing ourselves more to have sex. If you don’t hate your partner at that time - push yourself to go with it," Nikki says.

"It's like exercising, once you get into the workout you feel better.

"As you are  going along with sex you will get to a point where you reach that point of desire.

But Kristie says in her relationship, her partner doesn’t have that instant boner.

“Kristie is the dick in the relationship,” Stacey confirmed.

Whether it's the man or the woman forcing the mood, you have to go along with the act it in mind and body.

“Or else your partner will feel bad. It kills the mood,” she says.

“See where you can get to, because you might then end up enjoying the experience.”

She says the problem is, we have wired ourselves to believe having sex is too often “giving into his need” when we need to see it as doing something for your relationship.

“It will make you more intimate,” she says. 

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