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The Nail Salon Struggles That EVERY Girl Goes Through

Are you like this at the salon too?! The Thinkergirls have many issues when they go to get their nails done..

 Picking A Colour

How long have you spent deciding, then changing your mind again and again? We're pretty sure this is the hardest decision anybody's ever had to make. 

Staying Off Your Phone

While most of the time it's already hard enough, staying off your phone while your nails are being done is the WORST, and you'll always be looking for ways to scroll on facebook with your face. 

Comparing to Instagram

When you show the girl at the nail salon your screenshots.. You probably shouldn't expect yours to turn out the same. There's a BIG difference between nails done for $30 in a salon, and the artistic styles on Kylie Jenner's insta.

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