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The Thinkergirls try CLONING their vaginas

The Thinkergirls have found the WEIRDEST item from the sex shop.. It's called Clone-A-Pussy and it's a "Do It Yourself Pussy Moulding Kit"

Tips before ANYONE tries this at home:

- Get a special someone to help!

- Trim hair if it's a little long before moulding

- For easy clean up, do this over an easy to clean, hard surface

- Be prepared! Lay out all the things you'll need before you begin

The ingredients you'll need are included with the pack, and includes a 2-part silicone mix, Moulding powder, a moulding scoop and a stir stick. 

The powder is mixed with water for the initial mould to be made, and then the silicone is poured on top and left to set.

The girls tried it out without any practise, and things didn't go EXACTLY as planned...

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