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This Questionnaire Could Change Your Life

How are you feeling today?

Just hanging out at home watching Netflix and feeling the burn from last night? Or are you enjoying a beautiful afternoon with the phone attached to your palm?

Well, we’ve got something better for you to do …and it could very well change your life!

The Thinkergirls are having a party next Saturday which is specifically designed to hook up people with a compatible match. The girls are doing it with the help of eHarmony and there’s only one thing you need to do to join them!

Sit down, grab a cuppa and spend the next 45min filling in a survey about your values. It might seem like a long time - but let us tell you…it’s a great investment.

Dedicate the time to fill out the below form (yes I KNOW it's long, but it's worth it, I promise!), it’ll ask you a series of simple questions that’ll help them team you up with a partner that’s actually pretty much perfect for you.

Then you could go in the draw to come along to the Thinkergirls’ party and get to meet 100 other people like you (And you can even do it with a friend too!).

They’ll also be putting on one HECK of a party at Lot 1 in Sydney, where DJ Trey will be mixing up the beats, you’ll enjoy a HEAP of free food and booze, and mingle with 100 like-minded singles.

So, are you free on May 13?

Fill in the questionnaire and THANK US later.

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