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This May Be The Major Reason Why Some Women Are Infertile

Many women have trouble falling pregnant and more and more research is finding that sugar is the contributing factor.

Michele Chevaley Hedge from A Healthy Views poke to Stacey and Kristie from the Thinkergirls about how it can cause infertility.

According to Michele, some women between the ages of 27 and 37, think that contraception is more important than hormonal imbalances - something that can be caused by the food you eat. 

Once these women decide to go off the pill, they find that they are unable to conceive or have fertility issues.

“The doctor gives them the diagnosis of PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,” Michele said. “They leave in buckets of tears thinking that they have a death sentence in having kids.”

Michele said that PCOS can be dampened down and corrected just through the use of food, especially sugar.

 “A large percent of it can be driven from insulin resistance and is connected to blood sugar dysfunction,” she said.

These women, who may have been able to get away with junk foods and hidden sugars in the past, now find that they have to give it up or change their diet, to fall pregnant.

Michele believes that sugar is a huge culprit in many health problems – so maybe it’s time to give up the sweet stuff?

Hear the full chat below!

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