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What's the Horniest Part of Your Month?

Kristie has noticed that she gets really horny a couple days out from getting her period, and Stace is the same. We want to know, is it just us or does everyone get horny at a certain time of the month?

Here's what our callers had to say

Adam - "I'll always ring up my girlfriend on a Tuesday night and she knows by the codeword 'Twinkles'. I always go out on the weekend and get teased by everyone else, so then I have to call her up and go 'Twinkles babe?' and she say's 'Done babe, come over'"

Michael - "Probably on a Saturday when i'm hitting the town, but if not, it's a Wednesday. For some reason, the hump day of the week just does it for me, I don't know why. Maybe because I know the weekend is coming up."

Campbell - "Probably Thursday because that's payday, it just gets me really excited when the money gets into my bank account because I can spend it on women on the weekend.

Lisa - "When I get my period, it's basically a surge of hormones and I just really want it"

Matt - "My horniest part of the week is every two days - Before I have to go and do a number 2. It's certainly a shitty situation."

Danielle - "I have a particular time of day, after lunchtime I get really horny and think 'should I or shouldn't I masturbate', because if I do, when my husband gets home from work, he tries to get sex out of me and i'm like 'um, not really'"

Rebecca - "Probably just before my period and then also when i'm having it. But a week before, I don't want a bar of it"

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