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Why Do iPhones Start to Break when a New One Is Released?

We're both loyal apple fans, and like everyone were excited by the iPhone 7 announcement.. but Stace has noticed something with her iPhone 6s that's making us suspicious..  Why does it take FOREVER to cut and paste something on a phone that's only a year old?

We're starting to think that when a new phone comes out.. Apple makes the others start to BREAK.

Could there be any truth to the rumour that apple is causing glitches to make us buy their latest phone?

We had Stephen Lambrechts from TechRadar to tell us if it's true - his answer:


The coincidence that all of our phones go AWOL as soon as the new one comes has got to do with updates, but apple is VERY anti-hacking and wouldn't make the glitches intentional.

Apple tends to issue updates a few months before the release of any new phone, and these updates put extra strain on our phone's memory with every new feature that gets added, making them slow down.

Do they even have the capability to make our phones slow down?

Stephen says: Not without our permission. If you've got your phone set up to automatically update your apps though, these new features could be coming through even without you realising..

Hear our full chat here:

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