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Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Safety Rule For Onions Is Legit!

Oh Lawd!! Bunnings Sausage Theory Proven... Onions Are Dangerous! 

The nation is outraged with news of Bunnings' new sausage sizzle safety rule. It's been announced that they'll now be placing the onions under the sausage, to reduce the likelihood of onions falling on the floor. The inherent risk of people slipping over in the aisles was enough for them to make the change. 

It seems like a minor change, but the snag-loving public don't bloody like it. At all. It's been labelled 'un-Australian' by Karl Stefanovic, who went onto say 'Bunnings, you've done a lot of things right. But, I'm sorry, you've got this one wrong. You don't mess with perfection.'

It's been dubbed the 'Bunnings Sanga Saga', and the backlash from Aussies has been nothing short of brutal. However, Will & Woody aren't vultures that jump on things without thorough research and intensive investigation. 

So when Will came across the story, he thought he'd put the slippery onion theory to the test. And the perfect guinea pig? An oblivious Woody.

WATCH as the theory, with tremendous hilarity, is proven to be true! 

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