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Who Did Matt Preston Brutally Stand Up On A Date?

Who Did Matt Preston Brutally Stand Up On A Date?

Let's be honest, most of Australia would happily sit down for dinner with Masterchef judge Matt Preston. He's gotta be one of the hottest dates in town. But perhaps he jam packs his schedule a little too much, because on this occasion he blatantly stood someone up! 

And tragically for us, it was our very own Will. The poor sod. That's right, the two had tickets to a concert together. They were all set to see American soul icon Lee Fields at The Corner Hotel. Will had bought and paid for the tickets for the pair, a generous $65 a pop, only to be left hanging half an hour before the show.

It's totally unacceptable behaviour from the cravat-wearing food giant, so when he joined the Will & Woody Show to promote his new cookbook, it was time to face the music! The result? 

WATCH the video to find out! 

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