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Nothin' Like A Good Ol' Cream Pie To The Face Live On Air!

Some things never get old... like a cream pie IN DA FACE! 

We've been counting down to Woody's birthday by making him do grown up things, because he currently has the maturity of a 10 year old boy. So far, we made him get a prostate exam live on air and made him host a wine tasting. We then rigged him up to electro-zapper, and shocked him every time he laughed during a stand-up set from Harley Breen, consisting exclusively of fart jokes.

The next test was a simple one. Will placed a cream pie in front of him. If Woody could resist shoving the pie in Will's face for one minute, he would receive a surprise gift. The stakes were set, and we knew either way there was going to be some entertainment to come. 

WATCH the video to see what unfolded!  

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