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97.3FM’s $100,000 Temptation


We’re tempting you by putting thousands of dollars on the line every day for you to win!

To win the cash, you simply need to identify a snippet of a song we play you by title and artist! You get to choose how much of the song you get to hear and how much you can win!

Choose to hear 10 seconds of the song and you could win $100, choose to hear 3 seconds of the song and you could win $300 or choose to hear 1 second of the song for your chance to take home $1000 cash!

thursday 22 MARCH CLUES

8:35am  Clue 

Too Much

10am Clue  


11am Clue


Noon Clue   


1pm Clue


2PM Clue     


To win, listen to 97.3FM each morning with Bianca, Terry and Bob and across the day while you work!

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