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Bianca, Terry and Bob’s $20K Secret Sound

You’d hear a million sounds every day… and now one of them is worth a massive $20K with Bianca, Terry and Bob’s $20K Secret Sound!

Brisbane prick up your ears and listen closely as we want you to tell us what our secret sound is.

If you can guess correctly on air and the cash is yours.

Congratulations to Prue From Brighton for guessing Secret Sound number 1! Stacking milk crates on top of each other!

Check out all the wrong guesses so far For secret sound 2:
  • Removing air from a plastic bag and sealing it up
  • Zipping up a resealable sandwich bag
  • Pushing a straw through the top of a mason jar
  • Removing the plastic off a disposable straw and putting in a popper
  • Opening a tub of ice cream
  • Taking off the plastic ring pull from a long life milk carton
  • Hose attachment on an upright vacuum cleaner being clicked into place
  • Blowing up a balloon and tying it up at the end
  • Cellophane being rolled up and wrapped, then tied up with a zip tie
  • Arm on a record player stylus cutting out at the end of a record
  • A toy gun being cocked and fired
  • Peeling the plastic film off the top a microwave meal
  • Plugging in or unplugging a speaker wire or jack
  • Kids wind-up toys
  • Someone walking in a pair of wet thongs
  • Packet of chips being opened
  • Removing the protective plastic off an appliance
  • Unbuckling a seat belt
  • Tying up a balloon
  • Breaking the seal on a vitamin or pill bottle
  • When you’re taking a drink, and the ice drops back into the bottom of the glass after you’ve taken a sip
  • Filling up a resealable frozen vegetable bag
  • Someone scratching with a fingernail and flicking the excess stuff of a scratchie
  • Flicking through a roll of cash
  • Somebody on a DJ record player
  • Pulling the tab on a tea bag string out
  • Placing a needle on a record and it jumps a track
  • Someone using a plunger in a sink or toilet and it releases
  • A lettuce spinner when you wash the lettuce and it spins around
  • Unwrapping the foil on triangle cheese pieces and ripping the red strip to open it
  • A movie reel coming to an end
  • A record player needle dropping on the turntable and bouncing off
  • Putting something into a zip locked bag and closing it
  • The extractor 'thingy' the dentist sticks in your mouth
  • Pulling up wooden blinds
  • Someone unrolling baking paper and ripping it off the tear strip
  • Using a sewing machine
  • Rice bag / charcoal bag with woven string at the top - pulling the string and ripping it apart
  • Someone running their fingers through a hairbrush
  • Tearing open a packet of collectable cards and scraping your nail on it after opening
  • CD or DVD skipping
  • Flag blowing in the wind
  • Someone shaping a balloon into an animal or sword
  • Holding plumbing tubes together with a cable tie
  • A garbage bag being unrolled from a garbage bag roll and being ripped off
  • Someone sending a message and hitting the send button
  • Vinyl on a record player
  • Dog scratching its collar
  • Taking the label off a bottle - like a plastic bottle
  • When you're taking a garbage bag off a roll and tearing it
  • Bubble blowing machine
  • Film reader countdown
  • Cracking some ice onto a drink
  • Pulling glad wrap out of a packed and then ripping it
  • Tin foil dispenser
  • Opening the air tight seal on a Pringles packet
  • Starting a lawn mower
  • Cord retracting back into a vacuum cleaner
  • When you put your coins into an automatic coin counter at the bank
  • A toy car you pull back then it swishes forward
  • Breaking the seal on a milk bottle lid 
  • Holding down the button on a camera and taking multiple pictures with the lens retracting
  • Someone pressing the auto reverse button on a cassette player
  • Unwrapping a lolly and throwing the wrapper on a plastic mat
  • Cassette tape in fast forward in tape player
  • Pencil going into an old style pencil sharpener at a school
  • Paper printing out of a printer
  • Putting on a leather boot and zipping it up
  • Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box
  • Making balloon animals
  • Someone rummaging through a tent and zipping it up
  • Pulling the plastic bag off the dispenser in the fruit and veg section of the supermarket
  • Trying to get the end of sticky tape
  • Withdrawing money from the ATM
  • Bicycle chain - when you stop pedalling its the sound of the chain going round
  • A typewriter
  • A horse galloping
  • Filling out a form with a pen that has a chain on it
  • The retractable cord on a measuring tape
  • Pulling a pen out of a pen holder
  • The static sound when plugging an AUX cord into a mobile phone from a stereo that's already turned on
  • Putting a pack of baby wipes into a baby bag and zipping it closed quickly
  • Golf balls poured out/coming out of a cage or bucket at a golf range
  • Pulling sticky tape out of a dispenser and cutting it on the serrated edge
  • Cleaning a mark off glass and squeegee dry
  • An adding machine
  • Withdrawing money from an ATM
  • Pencil case and the zip at the end
  • Pulling out a dry cork from a wine bottle
  • Someone opening a bag of potato chips
  • Ejecting a cassette tape and pulling it out of a cassette player
  • Inserting a disc into a CD or DVD player and it starts loading
  • Rolling wrapping paper / cling wrap off a roll and slice it off on the serrated dispenser
  • Ripping velcro apart or off something
  • Suction bath mat, ripping it up from the bath
  • The receipt coming out of eftpos machines then being ripped off
  • Someone using the towels in a toilet. Pulling on them.
  • Opening up a packaged tablet, like aspro clear, then putting it in water
  • Putting lunch in a ziplock bag and then closing it
  • Ripping off packaging tape off a box
  • Shuffling a pack of cards
  • Pressing typewriter keys then hitting return
  • Casting a fishing line
  • Going through a purse and closing the zipper
  • The static of a TV
  • Someone dragging a needle across a record
  • An old style record player coming to an end and you lift the needle
  • Rotating sprinklers
  • Plug in a sink with a metal chain on it
  • A microphone rubbing on someone's clothes
  • When you use scissors to curl a ribbon
  • Doing the zip up on a sleeping bag
  • Receipts or paper getting caught in the zip of a wallet
  • A plastic bag flapping outside a car window
  • Someone tearing glad wrap on the metal strip on the box
  • The end of a tape playing
  • A jumper zipper being put together and being zipped up a bit
  • A old radio – turning it on and changing the stations
  • Doing up a zip tie
  • Scratching your finger on the interior of a car door
  • Squeezing an empty bottle and pops out
  • Scissors cutting cellophane
  • Record player needle
  • A purse zipper opening and closing
  • Corkscrew going into a cork and removing the cork from a bottle
  • Putting a needle on a record and scratching the needle off the record
  • Plugging something into a power socket, and it sparks
  • Making creatures out of balloons 
  • Someone signing their name and making a squiggle at the end
  • A machine to clock on for work when you put the card in

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Cd or dvd skipping

Flag blowing in the wind

Someone shaping a balloon into an animal or sword etc

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