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Bianca, Terry and Bob’s $20K Secret Sound

You’d hear a million sounds every day… and now one of them is worth a massive $20K with Bianca, Terry and Bob’s $20K Secret Sound!

Brisbane prick up your ears and listen closely as we want you to tell us what our secret sound is.

If you can guess correctly on air and the cash is yours.

Check out all the wrong guesses so far:

Playing cards being shuffled

A ruler on a desk

Speed bag for boxing

Cat flap closing on a door

Pushing down on a stapler

Office binder

Pulling starter leaver on a lawn mower

Microphone dropping on the floor

Playing the bongos

Opening a portable expanding file

Balloons bouncing on each other

Stapler falling on the floor

Closing a briefcase

Someone tap dancing

Cracking glow sticks to get them working

Plastic bottle being squished

Typing or bashing a keyboard

Bottle flipping

Dropping shoes

Breaking the seal of a drink/water bottle

Opening a briefcase

A pile of books falling to the ground

Pulling down a roller blind

Emptying ice of out ice cube tray

Opening a tub of ice cream or yoghurt

Using a comb binder to put the holes in paper

Unpopping a roll of bubble wrap

The silver pendulum balls that sit on your desk

An elevator door closing

Small punching bag on the ceiling

Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Spinning ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Wheel

Paper Guillotine 

Tapping/Rolling fingers on a desk

Pressing the button on a pokie machine and the pictures come down

The opening or closing of a collapsible bowl or colander

A Drum Roll

Cracking open an easter egg

Someone bouncing balls

Washing machine when it’s on the spin cycle

Some Bouncing Balls

A Washing Machine on the Spin Cycle

Pressing the button and the cord rolls back up into the Vacuum Cleaner

Someone sitting down on a leather couch

Vinyl concertina doors

Picking a coffee cup off a glass table

Flipping through an exam pad

Changing the colours on a 4 colour pen

Pushing one of the button’s and the other one pops up

A Whoopie Cushion

When opening a briefcase - pushing the buttons across and the latch flies up


A Bluetooth speaker powering down

Popping popcorn in the microwave

When someone throws a ball into the corner of a wall

Putting the petrol nozzle into the car and starting it

The wheels on a suitcase going down steps across cobblestone floor

Stapling paper together

Putting a petrol nozzle back into the bowser

Connecting/disconnecting a portable air conditioner to a window

Replacing and pushing in an ink cartridge on a printer

Empty paint buckets being used as drums

A bag of oranges falling onto the floor

Dominos toppling over

A deck of cards you fling back

A mobile phone dropping onto a hard surface

Pressing buttons on an alarm clock

U E II Portable speakers turning on

Someone punching a speed ball

Car Tyres going over a railway track or median strip

Ripping old style bath mat with suction cups off the floor

Pulling a door handle on a car

Wheelie bin lid opening then hitting the back of the bin

Door stop behind door flicking up and down

A diving board

Flicking through the pages of a book

A beverage being dispensed from a vending machine

A wheelie bin being put down after it's been emptied

Penguins dancing on the ice in Happy Feet

Ziplock Bag

Going through a turnstile at a train station

Someone on roller blades going down stairs

Wheeling a suitcase over little round discs on the ground

Someone wringing out bubble wrap, when you squeeze it

A slinky

A drumroll on a reggae tune

Dropping chairs

Fireworks at the  Big Bash Women’s League

Magnets attracting across a table (coming together)

Opening a Chinese food container

Flicking a ruler on the edge of a table

A hole punch going through a couple pieces of paper

A drummer tapping their sticks on the drum

Opening the foil or white ring pull on a beverage

Taking the lid off a plastic bucket

When you drive over a grid on the road, a grid mat for cattle

Turning a car off and pulling out the key

Flicking back and forward a spring door stopper

Someone flicking through pages of a book

Putting Toilet paper in a toilet roll holder

Sound of money – notes

Sealing a package with a tape dispenser

People running across cement with football boots on

Tyres on a car going over the automatic traffic counters (black strip) on the road

A nerf gun with multiple bullets getting fired

Emptying a bag of potatoes into a box

Crushing an aluminium can

Opening and closing an air vent in car

Extending the handle on a suitcase up or down

Putting a pile of books on a table

Imported beer cans hard lid, ripping the ring and lid off to get to the can

Putting a snap band / snap watch on your wrist

Dropping a briefcase and the clip opening

The sound of bus doors closing

Horse galloping in the dirt

A flat tyre

PVC pipe bouncing on concrete

Squashing a cardboard box flat with your foot

Perforated cardboard being torn, like pulling apart a scratchie

Squashing a cardboard box flat with your foot

Perforated cardboard being torn, like pulling apart a scratchie

Someone tapping on your tummy

Driving with a really flat tyre

Wheelie Bin closing the lid, bumping it over something

Pull strip on a cardboard box, pulling it to the very end and off the box

Opening the plastic cover on a DVD case

A punching speed ball

The legs of a plastic / metal chair dragging on the floor

Rubber band wrapped around a newspaper

Suitcase on wheels rolling over bumps

Driving a car over the Storey Bridge

Plugging a plug into a speaker

An old adding machine

Moving the gearshift in an automatic car

Plugging a plug into a speaker 

An old adding machine

Moving the gearshift in an automatic car 

A game of dodge ball

The side of your hands doing a scissor massage on a back or leg

Turning the side of a rubik's cube into position

Cutting through packing tape

A multiple burst camera shutter from an old style/60’s camera

Pair of steel capped boots being dropped on the floor

A party popper

Punch balloon

Sticking paper or cardboard into a fan blade

Bicycle tires or a pram going over an expansion bridge

Laminate flooring or boards clicking into place 

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