11-year-old Olivia is a budding Cricket player who wants to make a difference. 

The young sporting star was gifted a gift voucher for her birthday, which she decided to spend buying cricket pads. However, she soon discovered that all the Kookaburra pads were designed specifically for boys. 

“I was kind of shocked,” she told Bianca, Mike & Bob. “There’s so many girls playing now, and so much awareness of female cricket.”

She knew something had to change, so she wrote a letter to Kookaburra.

In the letter, Olivia wrote the following:

“Dear Kookaburra,


My name is Olivia, I am 11 years old and completely obsessed with cricket. Last summer, I started playing cricket in an all-girls team.

Recently, it was my birthday and I received a rebel sports gift-voucher. Today, I went to rebel and bought the Kookaburra Verve Pro 400 batting pads in the size ‘boys.’ It made me a little bit sad that the size was just called ‘boys’ to ‘kids’ because women’s cricket is growing very fast, especially with the WBBL and the Southern Stars winning the Women’s Ashes. Alyssa Healy uses Kookaburra gear and I think she is a great role model so I wanted to have Kookaburra kit.

On the Kookaburra.biz website, on the coaching page, there are 20 videos, however, only one features a female cricketer would love to see more videos featuring female members of team Kookaburra.”

Listen to our full chat with Olivia and her mum below!

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